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  • SAM Managed Services Provider Standard V1.0

    ITAM Review Certification for SAM Managed Services Providers In 2013 and 2015 we’ve conducted group tests based on competitive comparisons of SAM Managed Services providers. You can see the previous research here: 2013: 2015:...

  • Outsource ITAM or keep in-house?

    When should you outsource ITAM to a third party? When does it make more sense to keep resources in house? This article is in response to an ITAM Review reader question as follows (edited for brevity): “I’ve recently become the ITAM Leader at <Company>. Where I’m needing...

  • Driving successful SAM Managed Service Provider relationships

    I met with Gerben Vermeulen and Arjen Hamerling of Prof-IT group back in December in Amsterdam. In this video we have a quick chat about driving a successful relationship with SAM Managed Service providers. As independent SAM consultants, Gerben and Arjen are often sat between the...

  • SAM Managed Services: Softline Solutions (Vendor Profile)

    This article is an excerpt from our review of worldwide SAM Managed Service Providers – view the full report here (registration required). The senior management team at Softline Solutions originate from the licensing reseller Comparex. During discussions for this review, Softline...

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