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  • SAM Summit 2014

    This year’s SAM Summit will be held in Chicago It is my pleasure to announce that we will be the Media Partner for the SAM Summit, 23-25 June 2014, at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center Conference Facilities. Now in its 12th year, the event brings together top IT professionals,...

  • IAITAM Preview: Auditing your hard drive retirement process

    Samuel Peery Ahead of the IAITAM Spring Conference taking place in Las Vegas, April 28 – May 1, I interviewed Samuel Peery, Director of Marketing at WhiteCanyon Software, about his presentation “Auditing your hard drive retirement process”. In just a few words, tell us...

  • IAITAM Preview: A pragmatic approach to SAM

    Diederik Van der Sijpe Ahead of the IAITAM Spring Conference taking place in Las Vegas, April 28 – May 1, I interviewed Diederik Van der Sijpe,  Director at Deloitte, about his presentation “A pragmatic approach to SAM”. In just a few words, tell us what it is...

  • All about Audits

    Sadly there are no magic wands when it comes to software audits Ahead of the BCS Configuration Management event in York on 1st May, I interviewed regular ITAM contributor Kylie Fowler about her involvement in the event, and her advice on software audits. You’re involved with...

  • Tips for compliance, software audits & more!

    Wayne Jackson Ahead of the Compliance Manager Summit 10-11 March in Santa Clara, we interviewed speaker and Director at Accordo Group, Wayne Jackson about his thoughts on non-compliant licenses, customer satisfaction, software audits and the future of the ITAM industry. Q. Companies...

  • Assessment Criteria: IBM Feature and Product Review

    In September of this year, we will be kicking off a special feature dedicated to IBM Licensing and IBM License Management. The feature will include guides, opinion as well as reviews of SAM products suitable for managing IBM licensing. Overview This will be our fifth deep dive feature...

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