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  • Dissecting The Microsoft Audit Letter

    Software Licensing Advisors, Inc., have contributed an astute dissection and commentary of a recent Microsoft ‘Software Asset Management Review’ letter. For the layman not familiar with Mega-Vendor audit team lingo, ‘SAM Review’, ‘SAM Engagement’,...

  • Using True-Up Data to Build SAM Momentum

    This is another article for beginners (See the others in the series here). We discussed in ‘Our Software Licensing Is a Mess – Where do we Start?’ that we ought to use the 80/20 rule to select a low number of specific software vendors to focus on first. On the basis that by...

  • What REALLY Happens During an Audit (Part 1 of 3)

    This article has been contributed by Kylie Fowler. Regular columnist and Analyst at The ITAM Review. 1. I’ve had a request for an audit… what do I do now? Most audit requests come through as a letter or an email addressed to a senior manager or Officer of the company. If it doesn’t...

  • 78% Have Experienced a Vendor Audit in the Last Year

    I conducted a brief straw poll on vendor audit activity back in July. Thank you to everyone that took part, I apologise for the delay in publishing the results. In a nutshell: 78% experienced a vendor audit in the last year, average 2.5 audits, most helpful Microsoft, least helpful...

  • Vendor Audit Activity Levels [Survey]

    I have been invited to speak at a webinar next week entitled “From Adobe to Oracle: Preventing & Preparing for a Vendor Software Audit”.  My part of the presentation will highlight the most common failures that lead to non-compliance during a vendor audit. In preparation...

  • Six Ways to Attract a Vendor Audit

    Are you bored at work? Do you fancy a new challenge? How about the prospect of attracting lots of board level attention, the threat of legal action, loss of IT jobs, enormous punitive charges and all round fire fighting with a vendor audit? Simply follow this quick guide and you’ll...

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