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    Oracle Best Practice Guide – Part 1

    // Jan 23rd, 2015

    The ITAM Review and Campaign for Clear Licensing hosted an Oracle Seminar on Friday 21st November 2014. The aim of the seminar was to share and discuss some of the main issues around Oracle licensing and audit behaviour. Oracle Best Practice Guide Part 1 is the beginning of a three-part summary report which provides a review of […]

  • Download - "Key risks in managing Oracle Licensing" White Paper (PDF, 22 Pages, 1MB) NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED

    92% of customers say that Oracle does not clearly communicate licensing changes

    // Nov 3rd, 2014

    Campaign for Clear Licensing White Paper: “Key risks in managing Oracle Licensing” The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) has today announced the publication of its first major review into Oracle’s licensing and auditing practices. The report Key Risks in Managing Oracle Licensing, states that Oracle’s approach to licensing and auditing has resulted in customer relationships that are […]

  • Adobe Licensing

    Adobe Licensing Quick Guide 2014

    // Jul 8th, 2014

    This Quick Guide is available in PDF format – simply subscribe to our free newsletter to receive a free copy instantly.  Adobe has made a number of changes to its licensing structures over the past year. The aim of this quick guide is to provide insight into Adobe’s new licensing model. The guide will not […]

  • Mobistar is a Belgian Telco. owned by Orange.

    Attachmate sue Mobistar for $6M

    // Jul 7th, 2014

    We’ve received a tip off that the software publisher Attachmate is suing Mobistar, a Belgian telecommunications company. It is alleged that Attachmate is claiming 4.5 million Euros (around 6.12M $USD or 3.57M £GBP) for alleged illegal use of a product called ‘ReflectionX’. The dispute is said to have originated from an onsite audit by Deloitte […]

  • Average salary in US dollars by age and gender

    2014 Salary Survey Results

    // Jun 11th, 2014

    Thank you to everyone that participated in the reader survey last month. I’m pleased to share the results below based on 233 participants. Key talking points Growing integration with ITSM away from finance Clear gender divide in average salaries and significant differences by type of company and country Experience in the field wins Software licensing […]

  • Key Features Comparison for Oracle License Management Tools

    Oracle License Management Tools Group Test – The Results

    // Apr 8th, 2014

    This is an independent review and comparison of specialist tools for managing Oracle licensing. Solutions reviewed: Easytrust Flexera Software HP Lime Software Snow Software How are Oracle databases configured?  Whilst Oracle has hundreds of product lines, ITAM Review readers told us that the proliferation of Oracle databases and their configuration was a key concern. It should […]


IT Asset Management

Mobile Device Management and its Relationship with ITAM

// Jan 27th, 2015
We recently wrote An Introduction to Mobile Device Management (MDM) outlining what it is and what are considered mobile devices. The next question is, does MDM relate to ITAM? Is this IT Asset... 
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Software Asset Management

Top Ten Licensing Types – Where is the market going?

// Dec 8th, 2014
Where is the licensing market going? No matter what, all software and applications have a license attached to them. Even free software has some form of license. There are far too many different... 
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Podcast Episode 8: The Oracle Negotiation Grey Zone

// Jan 15th, 2015
Ahead of our Oracle Seminar in New York later this month Martin Thompson talks with guests about the grey zone of Oracle negotiation, cloud options with Oracle and copyright principles and... 
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Software Licensing

Software Ownership: Who Should ‘Own’ Software Licenses Within an Organisation?

// Jan 29th, 2015
Software ownership is a common talking point within organisations. Who owns the license, or who has taken responsibility for ‘ownership’? It may be the case that nobody has been made responsible,... 
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Call for Speakers – SAP & IBM

// Dec 19th, 2014
Our very own Martin Thompson addressing the audience. Following on from the fantastic success of our Tools Day and Oracle events, The ITAM Review is compiling a roster of SAP & IBM licensing... 
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Tools Intelligence

Snow Software tops table for customer satisfaction in preliminary results

// Jan 7th, 2015
In December we asked ITAM Review readers to rate their SAM tools for customer satisfaction. In order to qualify for a rating on the table below each vendor had to receive a minimum of five verified... 
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