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    ITAM Review Excellence Awards 2015

    // May 7th, 2015

    The IT Management discipline of IT Asset Management (ITAM) is today more critical than ever as organisations seek to maximize returns and minimize risks on IT spend. ITAM today means meeting compliance requirements, financial transparency, efficient IT procurement and enabling IT teams to be as agile and responsive as possible via accurate ITAM business intelligence. […]

  • Audits-are-getting-out-of-hand

    Audits are getting out of hand

    // May 5th, 2015

    In this video: What I learnt at the IBM & SAP Seminar in London last week The state of audits in the software industry An update on Campaign for Clear Licensing activity Support the Campaign and supercharge your licensing knowledge by joining our events in New York next week: Martin ThompsonMartin is owner and […]

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    ITAM Tools Day; Why is it needed?

    // Apr 30th, 2015

    We’re back! Due to the unfortunate timing of ‘Storm Juno’ that struck on our last visit to New York, we are returning on May 12th to host our FREE to attend ITAM Tools Day Event. This is a unique opportunity for professionals to get together and see the leading ITAM tool vendors present their solutions all under one […]

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    Enterprise Opinions Cup – Call for Drivers

    // Apr 16th, 2015

    Do you consider yourself as a frustrated Lewis Hamilton, or are you more like Maureen from Driving School? Do you like the thrill of speed, the competitive nature of racing and the smell of burning rubber? Let’s face it, it’s more likely that we’ll be like Maureen from Driving School. We are, after all, ITAM […]

  • EmpireStateofMind

    Empire State of Mind?

    // Apr 7th, 2015

    Spare us six minutes and we’ll put you in a Empire State of Mind – and also give you a great earworm to start your week! David, Glenn and I provide a preview of our upcoming events in New York in May (With apologies to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys) Martin ThompsonMartin is owner and founder […]

  • SAP

    SAP License and User Management Group Test – The Results

    // Apr 7th, 2015

    Need further help with your SAP environment? The ITAM Review are holding a series of seminars on SAP licensing in Europe and North America through 2015. For more information on these and other seminars and workshops visit our Events Page.   Overview – SAP License and User Management Group Test Managing SAP licenses and users are one of […]


IT Asset Management

A Grande Mentira de Compliance

// May 14th, 2015
‘Grandes mentiras frequentemente voltam para assombrar o narrador.’ Ao longo de quase duas décadas de vida profissional, não é raro encontrar momentos em que me questiono se o... 
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Software Asset Management

SAM Tools are useless without people and processes!

// May 7th, 2015
Wrong tool, right idea It’s a fact. Tools are useless without people, just like a hammer is a pointless instrument without someone actually using it, and a chainsaw is extremely dangerous... 
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Podcast Episode 9 – A view from IT Procurement

// Apr 24th, 2015
In this episode I speak with Christiaan Murphy of on a view from IT Procurement. Christiaan Murphy, Topics covered in this podcast: IT Procurement... 
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Software Licensing

Software Ownership: Who should ‘Own’ software licenses within an organisation?

// May 20th, 2015
‘It is important to remember that no single person, department or organisation actually ‘owns’ any piece of software’ Software license ownership is a common talking point within... 
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Event Listing: SAM Best Practice & Networking, June 16th, Paris

// May 21st, 2015
La Défense, Paris I am pleased to be supporting our first SAM event in France in conjunction with the telco giant Orange and ELEE. On June 16th I’ll provide a view on SAM Best Practice... 
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Tools Intelligence

Technology Review: Spider Licence Enterprise (brainwaregroup)

// May 14th, 2015
Independent Review brainwaregroup is a provider of systems management and IT Lifecycle Management tools and services who have over 400 clients worldwide. With more than 1.5m managed clients,... 
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