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8 leading SAM Tools independently reviewed by The ITAM Review

8 leading SAM Tools independently reviewed by The ITAM Review

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We are 100% privately owned, vendor and service provider independent and impartial. Our purpose is to provide an independent, unbiased view of the SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing market and to provide a community for everyone in the industry to share their expertise, feedback and opinions of the technology and services in the market for the benefit of others.

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ITAM Review SAM Tools Universe 2016

End of year sale: 60% discount code for SAM Tools Universe Report [Expires 31/12/2016]

Use discount code “December2016” to get 60% off the SAM Tools Universe report published by The ITAM Review. Offer expires 31st December 2016. Buy here. The normal price is £299.00, the end of year discount means access to this independent research on SAM tools for only ~ £120.00. Offer expires 31st December 2016. The ITAM […]


The role of verification in ITAM

In advance of the last module in our 12 Box Assessment Model Training Course – Verification: How to maintain audit ready status, I met with Rory Canavan, owner & founder of SAM Charter to discuss the role of verification in ITAM. Rory covers the following points in the video below: Why it’s important to verify data and drive […]

Argos Audit Defence Strategies

Case Study: Argos Audit Defence Strategies & ITAM industry collaboration

Argos Audit Defence: In this video Danny Begg, SAM technical specialist at Argos, shares his approach to defending and managing software audit requests. Danny also makes the case for more collaboration and networking amongst ITAM industry peers to share more information about software audits. Through sharing intel and collaboration organizations can reduce their risk of […]


The CCL report shares who is the most and least aggressive software vendor when it comes to audits

Average software audit takes 7.13 months and consumes 194.15 hours

Research I’ve just published with The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) reports that the average software audit (according to 170 worldwide ITAM, SAM and Licensing Pros) takes 7.13 months to complete and consumes 194.15 hours of IT department time. See the full report here: CCL Audit Census Summary Software vendor audits block software market competition […]

Assessment criteria and weighting for the SAM Tools Universe

2016 SAM Tools Universe

I am pleased to announce the publication of our ‘2016 SAM Tools Universe‘ report, an independent assessment of leading SAM tools for large enterprises. It has taken us the best part of eight months to compile the research, sorry for the delay. Starting in February and originally planned for a June 2016 publication, the project […]

Campaign for Clear Licensing

Please help with the CCL Audit Census

Please participate in our Audit Census The purpose of this survey is to investigate current software audit activity. This research revisits themes from our software audit survey back in 2010 when we asked who was auditing most frequently and who was most helpful during the audit process? We also look at the role of the […]

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