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Hello and thank you for visiting the ITAM Review, an Online Magazine, Forum and Networking Platform for ITAM Professionals.

We are 100% privately owned, vendor and service provider independent and impartial. Our purpose is to provide an independent, unbiased view of the SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing market and to provide a community for everyone in the industry to share their expertise, feedback and opinions of the technology and services in the market for the benefit of others.

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The ITAM Review hosts events, provides education and independently verifies tools and service providers.

As of August 2016 The ITAM Review receives 1.3 million visitors a year.

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We believe everyone in the ITAM market should have their voice heard – from the one-man band consultant to the largest software companies in the world. Contributions are free and most welcome.

The ITAM Review wants to hear from all ITAM practitioners from all countries and backgrounds; the only thing we ask is that it’s not a sales pitch for your products and services – let your expertise do the talking!

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Microsoft take Azure sales direct from March 2019

Microsoft have announced changes to how organisations purchase Azure cloud services. Starting March 2019, Microsoft will introduce the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA), a new offering for Azure services which will make the “licensing transaction process easier, more efficient and simpler”. What changes are they making? The Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) is aimed at customers looking […]

Short-term gains, long-term missed opportunities?

This article has been contributed by David Foxen Founder & Principal Consultant at SAM Beast Consulting DISCLAIMER, this focuses primarily on the cost savings element of ITAM rather than service or integration with other teams. I’d end-up writing a whole book if I included everything about long-term strategic ITAM benefits! There will be an awful lot […]

ITAM in 2019: Leadership, Networking and saving $120m – by George Arezina, 2018 ITAM Professional of the Year

This article has been contributed by George Arezina, Head of Global Software Asset Management at F. Hoffman La Roche AG – 2018 ITAM Professional of the Year Award Winner.  George Arezina Innovation is at the root of every progression. It is for this reason that I have continually pushed for SAM projects that focus on driving […]


State of ITAM survey results, 10 years of ITAM Review

Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete our “State of ITAM” community survey last month. This article shares some of the preliminary results based on the first 150 responses. The survey is still open, so if you wish to share your views please do so here: 10 Years of ITAM Review […]

Community Survey: The state of ITAM

The State of ITAM Community Survey Where does your team report into and where will it report into in the future? What will be the biggest challenges and opportunities for the ITAM department in the next five years? How can the ITAM department increase its profile and serve new areas of the business? We value […]

$250BN annual software maintenance market needs more scrutiny, a strategic opportunity for ITAM

The Campaign for Clear Licensing is pleased to present a new report on the software support and maintenance market. Thank you to everyone in the ITAM Review community who took the time to participate. Download the report here: This research project has been kindly sponsored by Origina. Origina are the “World’s leading, independent, third […]

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