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New SAM Consultants James, Leah, and Huw

Starting out as a SAM Consultant

ITAM is a growing industry. Salaries have risen 15% in two years, and more organisations are hiring for ITAM roles, but it’s taking longer than before to fill these roles1. This is due to the worsening skills gap– which is exacerbated by the lack of young people entering the industry. Without new people and new […]

Luke Whittaker, Tokio Marine Kiln, putting the ITAM Brain into managing public cloud

Luke Whittaker, Tokio Marine Kiln – Inserting the ITAM brain into managing public cloud

Managing Public Cloud Thank you to Luke Whittaker, License and Configuration Analyst at Tokio Marine Kiln for sharing his views on managing public cloud. I recorded the video below at our Wisdom UK conference at Twickenham Rugby Stadium in early June 2019. Luke describes the shift to a dual-cloud environment, movement away from on-premise servers […]

Microsoft change HUP for Office 365

Microsoft changes Home Use Program to favour Office 365

Microsoft have long offered a “Home Use Program” (HUP) for Software Assurance customers, enabling employees to purchase reduced price copies of certain software for non-commercial use at home. They made some tweaks to it early in 2019 and now another has arrived; they have removed the option to purchase the full, perpetual version of Office […]


Salary and Skills Survey

2019 ITAM Salary and Skills Survey – The Results

ITAM Global average salary shoots up 15% in two years Skills shortage worsened since 2017 Can ISO organisational certification deliver the credibility required for increased CXO exposure? Introduction Thanks to everyone that participated in our 2019 Salary and Skills Survey. I shared the results of the survey at our Wisdom conference at Twickenham Rugby Stadium […]

Market Guide – Secure Hard Drive Erasure

This month’s Market Guide looks at options for managing assets at the end of the ITAM lifecycle. A vital part of Retire is ensuring that all data has been removed from assets prior to disposal. This is a wide-ranging area (for example, you may be surprised to hear that printers can store vast amounts of […]

Cloud skills key to ITAM salary growth

This article is a final call to participate in the 2019 ITAM Review Salary and Skills survey, and a short preview of some of the early results. To complete the survey please follow this link: START THE SURVEY I’ll be presenting the final results on the second day of Wisdom UK, our upcoming conference, on […]

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