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Green IT Budgets On The Rise

Symantec have published a report into the attitudes of organisations towards “Green IT”. They surveyed over 1,000 companies worldwide.

High Level Summary of Findings

  • Green IT has moved from a wishlist item to high priority. 97% were discussing Green IT Strategy, 67% discussing or trialing Green IT initiatives and 30% have already implemented a strategy
  • Green IT budgets are rising and IT are willing to pay a premium for green equipment.
  • IT is at the heart of Enterprise Green Efforts. 81% of IT Departments are responsible or are cross-charged for data centre electricity. 92% believe IT has a pivotal role.
  • Top Priorities
    1. Energy Consumption
    2. Reducing Cooling Costs
    3. Reduce Pollution
    4. Qualify as a “Green” Company
  • Most Common Tactics
    1. Replace hardware with more efficient models
    2. Monitor power consumption
    3. Server consolidation
    4. Server virtualisation

Finally, 55% are considering SaaS as part of a strategy to reduce power (Then somone else can worry about the servers).

The report is here
The accompanying press release is here


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  1. Kylie Fowler says:

    We have had a cross-departmental green committee for several years now…

    we have found that there have been many ways where having a group of people from the business, facilities and IT can really push things

    forward. Our focus at the moment is largely on those ‘green’ areas which facilitate cost cutting… is anyone suprised?!


    area not on the list above is printing. It’s a complex issue, but with significant savings (both green and financial) to be made in

    terms of reducing paper, toner and power use.

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