ARTICLE: Cost Cutting Tips; Viewers and Free Alternatives

One way to reduce software costs is to swap out certain applications for free, cheaper or viewer alternatives.

I don’t mean big projects like moving from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, or swapping out your CRM or ERP system for a cheaper alternative. But small tactical swap outs that drive license savings right now and don’t take major restructuring, education or political upheavals.

The most popular example is to look at which users can be moved from Microsoft Office Professional to Standard depending on their use of Access (22% difference between Standard and Professional boxed product).  The benefits for each organisation will obviously depend on individual agreements.

Discussing this process with users has been made a lot easier by the current economic climate i.e. “We are looking to save money for the company to save cutbacks elsewhere etc.” Only eighteen months ago IT staff would have faced considerable push back from users who ‘might want to use Access in the future’.

I have started to compile a list:

If you know of any other alternatives please let me know – either by contacting me directly or posting a reply below, thanks.


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  1. John Koops says:


    You might want to add a MS Project Viewer to you list.
    Preferably a commercial one.

    Kind regards,


  2. Archilles 'Clint' Castillo says:

    Try RationalPlan Project Viewer. It works so far for us and what’s best is that it’s free compared

    to Steelray.


  3. Thanks for sharing Clint.

  4. Marius says:

    If you want a viewer for MS Project files, you find it here:

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