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Video: How to Run Oracle on VMware

Cowardly Lion; Solve Fear, Solve the Problem

In this informative session Jason Keogh from iQuate and Will Monin from VMware explore how to optimize Oracle licensing within VMware environments.


  • How Oracle is licensed?
  • Processors, Cores and Core Factors
  • Hard vs. Soft Partitioning
  • VMotion
  • Virtualization Growth and Trends
  • Why virtualizing Oracle is slower than other Vendors
  • VMware’s Perspective – Solve fear, Solve the Problem
  • Maximizing Value  – Using Working Examples
  • Where VMware customers are going

Questions Covered During the Call

  • Q. Do cold DR servers need to be licensed?
  • Q. How do you restrict Oracle running in a Virtual environment to a certain blade or cluster?
  • Q. Should we set up a separate dedicated Oracle VMware cluster?
  • Q. Can iQuate tell when a certain DB option was installed (e.g. if core factors changed over time)
  • Q. Is a dedicated Oracle VM cluster accepted by Oracle?

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