Podcast Episode 19: New licensing body tackles issues directly with software publishers

In this podcast Martin Thompson of The ITAM Review speaks with Peter Van Uden of Global Software Licensing Specialist Expert Circle.

Podcast Topics

  • What is GSLSEC and why was it set up?
  • What is the outcome of this group for end users?
  • Working with Microsoft, VM Ware, Citrix, Oracle and IBM
  • Why don’t software vendors listen to their own customer feedback groups/channel?
  • What sort of cases can I approach GSLSEC for?
  • Do I need to be a member to submit a case?
  • What do I need to acquire to become a member of GSLSEC?
  • Benefits of becoming a member


GSLSEC is a new not-for-profit set up to tackle issues with licensing agreements with software publishers. The group is formed of worldwide licensing specialists with direct strategic relationships with major software publishers. Learn more at http://www.gslsec.org/.


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