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Land and expand…. what is possible when SAM is done right

In the video below I interview Filipa Preston, CEO of Software Optimization Services from Perth in Australia. Filipa describes her recent Microsoft 2016 SAM Partner of the Year award and how the case study that won her company the award was a text book example of the value possible with SAM. Meet Filipa at our USA conference in September.

Land and expand…. what is possible when SAM is done right

Unified Logic Movere Review

I also picked Filipa’s brains on a recent question I received from an ITAM Review reader (Filipa works with Unified Logic and has hands on experience with many other SAM tools at the rock face).

A reader (A SAM partner) writes: 

“Martin, just curious to know if anyone has tried Movere, looking at it, working with it. There seems to be a USA uptake but not so much in the UK. Basically does it do what it says, is it really that magic bullet? I’m curious to know what the marketplace thinks.”

If you have an opinion to share on Movere please leave a review on ToolsAdvisor. Congratulations to Filipa, see her at Microsoft WPC this week or at our USA conference in September.

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  1. From an ITAM Review reader:

    “It’s okay. There are issues, there are things that don’t work. A couple of Microsoft rules that Microsoft USA have conceded which UL applied, but the UK would not let these through.
    It cannot count users… it can read SQL, but you still need to do a tonne of work to get it assigned correctly (same as current)
    And all the stuff which we handled outside of the data still needs to be handled outside the data so the overall picture is not quite accurate
    So from a review perspective, its just another tool which creates and removes work on an equal basis

    As a management tool for the customer moving forward, once we’ve pointed out the things they need to keep an eye on its pretty good. (Its just not helping me much!)”

  2. Are you a Unified Logic customer? Please leave a review on

    Cheers, Martin

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