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  • Market Guide – Office 365 Optimisation

    April’s Market Guide looks at options for Office 365 optimisation. With Microsoft becoming the single largest SaaS provider it is likely that they will be the first enterprise-wide SaaS vendor IT Asset Managers need to get to grips with. Salesforce and Adobe may have been the...

  • Get to grips with unmanaged cloud spend

    This article is the first of a four part series by AJ Witt of ITAM Review and Josh Brazee of Aspera. The series explores concepts & practical advice for managing Cloud deployments to minimise cost and risk whilst maximising value.  Part One – (This article) provides an overview...

  • Building confidence in your License Entitlement

    A recent thread on our Forum opened a discussion around what constitutes a proof of license entitlement. This article explores that discussion in more detail, providing practical tips for recording entitlements in your SAM system in order to generate Effective License Positions (ELPs)...

  • Solution Spotlight Online: Managing Virtual Environments

    This morning we announced our first ever online conference! We’re conscious that not everyone is able to attend our in-person conferences, and we’ve been thinking about how we can best address that. Well, we have an answer… Solution Spotlight Online! The Solution Spotlight Online...

  • SAP License Optimisation – Market Guide

    Our latest Market Guide for SAP License Optimisation looks at tools and services available to manage licenses for SAP systems including ERP & eCommerce platforms. SAP continues to be the publisher of choice for large enterprises looking for software in this space, despite the...

  • Market Guide – Free Inventory Tools

    Interested in finding out what’s running on your network but don’t have budget? Or maybe you’d like to verify the inventory your primary paid-for tool is providing? If so a good option is to deploy a free inventory tool. Modern tools and protocols can provide you...

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