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Author: David Foxen


  • Short-term gains, long-term missed opportunities?

    This article has been contributed by David Foxen Founder & Principal Consultant at SAM Beast Consulting DISCLAIMER, this focuses primarily on the cost savings element of ITAM rather than service or integration with other teams. I’d end-up writing a whole book if I included...


    Emotion. It’s a strong word with even stronger consequences. It’s something that organisations do not focus enough time and efforts on managing or listening to, in my opinion. I believe this is wrong as people’s emotions can play a massive part in a new function’s success. When...

  • Gamification of Software Asset Management

    This may come as a surprise to you, but there are some people that find Software Asset Management and Software Licensing a tedious, dull subject. Not being one of those people, I find it tough to understand how and why they don’t find our industry fascinating. There are thousands...

  • Office 365 removes older versions of Office based products

    The bumps in the road when upgrading to Office 365 and how to overcome them A number of organisations who have already gone through this process may have already experienced this, but for those of you who are thinking about upgrading to Office 365, there is a slight bump in the road...

  • Citrix Licensing Quick Guide 2015

    This licensing quick guide aims to give you a basic understanding of Citrix products, their license types and how to manage Citrix licenses. Citrix have been providing server, application and desktop virtualisation software since 1989. Based out of the USA, they currently have over...

  • Treat everyday as an Audit

    Following this advice will ensure that you are always audit ready and are on top of your SAM & License management game. One of the best pieces of advice that I received from a SAM professional was to treat everyday as if your organisation was being audited. At the time I laughed...

  • Centralising ITAM within a Global Organisation

    Centralising – Handing over responsibility to the Head Office or the centre of the Organisation To have an effective and successful ITAM project an organisation needs to centralise and standardize their ITAM estate. This helps the ITAM team have a better overview of the ITAM...

  • Software on a Budget

    CIO’s, IT heads, finance leaders and ITAM professionals are always looking to reduce or consolidate the amount of money being spent on software and software licenses. Tier 1 vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and Adobe all provide the required software to ensure a business...

  • Vendor Management can be a massive support to your SAM Function

    Audits are one of the biggest challenges facing SAM professionals and licensing professionals in the current era. Gone are the days when only the likes of Microsoft and IBM conducted ‘reviews’; now all of the Tier 1 vendors regularly audit their customers, and a number of other...

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