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Author: David Foxen


  • Introducing Software Asset Management to end users

    If you are a member of staff that has no relation to IT, you may not be aware of the importance of software asset management, or even what it is. It’s important to communicate the importance of SAM to end users in a way that they can appreciate and understand. It’s important...

  • The importance of Internal Software Audits

    Do your software audits fill you with dread? As we are all aware, software audits are something that most organisations dread. Organisations can stay one step ahead of the BSA and FAST by conducting their own internal software audits. Why should we audit ourselves?  There are a...

  • Tips for the next generation of SAM professionals

    “Do your homework” Based on my experiences, here are my top tips for the next generation of SAM professionals. Absorb information You can learn a lot from your colleagues, both good and bad: Learn from their mistakes and successes Understand how they are doing things...

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