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On Demand Webinar: How to Manage SaaS Risk

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Tuesday 1 March 2022

About this event

Join AJ Witt from The ITAM Review for an on demand webinar, presented in conjunction with Zluri, where we provide practical advice for ITAM teams on how build risk management into their SaaS Management activities. We explore what ITAM teams need to manage a broad set of risks inherent with SaaS usage including:

  • Financial Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Privacy Risk
  • Compliance Risk

You’ll hear from AJ Witt on how to build a SaaS Risk Management programme, who you need to work with, and how to select the right tool for the job. The outcome will be a programme which is ready to take a strategic approach to SaaS Management and deliver long-term value for your organisation.


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Who should attend

  • SAM & ITAM professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Vendor management professionals
  • CIO


We explore what ITAM teams need to manage a broad set of risks inherent with SaaS usage including:

  • Financial Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Privacy Risk
  • Compliance Risk


AJ Witt, ITAM Industry Analyst, The ITAM Review

AJ Witt is ITAM Industry Analyst at The ITAM Review. Previous to joining the ITAM Review team in April 2018, he was Software Asset Manager for Carnival UK, operators of the P&O & Cunard cruise lines. Coming from a background in IT Infrastructure technical operations IT Security & Compliance, AJ is well-placed to share his experience of how dynamic SAM teams can build mutually-beneficial stakeholder engagement.

Why you should attend

  • Cost – This Webinar is FREE.
  • Convenience -You can participate in the webinar from a location of your choosing.  No travelling/ travel costs involved.
  • Interaction – You have the opportunity to communicate and ask questions with the presenter and peers.


Testimonials and reviews

“Good info, great speakers! I’ll be sharing the recording with my colleagues on our infrastructure team. These sessions are always engaging. I started watching them sessions for the ITAM knowledge, ideas, growth, value; but I find that I am now also watching to get speaker and interacting with presenters tips from Rich! Amazing job, love it. Thanks for hosting these. Can’t wait for Wisdom!!”

“This was excellent ! I am going to go back and re-watch OnDemand. Love all segments presented.”

“I found the information informative and am looking forward to being able to reference it on demand. In particular the information about where in organizations cloud SW was being managed and I agree that ITAM can (and should) provide thought leadership in that space.”

‘Really good & interactive’

‘Great presentation! Thanks so much for putting these together.’

‘Thanks this is well-aimed and helped me to think about next steps I should be taking’.

‘The session was very informative with excellent examples’

“I got some information at the webinar today that is going to assist me in a negotiation this afternoon”