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Virima (formerly EcoSystemManager) review

Virima (formerly EcoSystemManager)

Virima (formerly EcosystemManager) can be licensed as a standalone ITAM SaaS package which includes discovery, CMDB and automatic relationship mapping or coupled with Virima ITSM and 3rd party ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow and Cherwell. Virima also provides implementation and adoption services to ensure the tool quickly becomes operational and returning value. We were particularly impressed with the ability of Virima to visualize relationships between servers.

Virima (formerly EcoSystemManager)
Vendor Virima
Vendor Virima Technologies, Inc.
Product Virima

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Elevator pitch

Virima from Virima Technologies was a new addition to the ITAM and ITSM IT management tools market when we first looked at it a few years ago. We were impressed with Virima; it offers both detailed inventory for datacenter environments plus key service management functions to be able to turn datacenter insight into action.

ITAM + ITSM in a Competitive Package

If your organization is considering migrating or consolidating datacenters or migrating to cloud infrastructure – Virima is definitely worth further investigation. It would also be extremely valuable for those looking for comprehensive datacenter visibility to support compliance goals.

Virima offers both ITAM and ITSM functions integrated into one SaaS product which they call Virima ITOM.

High-level product feature overview:

  • Asset Discovery – datacenter discovery, inventory, relationship mapping, asset register and CMDB
  • Infrastructure – configuration audit trail and management, change and release management, project management
  • Service Desk – Incident, problem, self-service and knowledge management, request

Necessity is the mother of invention

Virima Technologies’ heritage is in consulting for companies looking to migrate their datacenters, move to the cloud or consolidations. Virima was built to help deliver against these engagements - with the need to gain true visibility into datacenter environments, highlight process leaks and identify key relationships between assets and services.

This is reflected in both the product design and implementation services with customers – which we found to be refreshingly useful and pragmatic.

Many traditional service management toolsets have evolved from ticketing or incident management; Virima argues their offering is built from the ground up from accurate environment discovery and logging changes. This allows an organization to truly see what is going on and deliver data driven service management.

It starts with discovery

Virima customers install an instance of Virima Discovery in their datacenter environment and are then offered detailed agent-less scan options. Administrators of the system can choose to specify an IP range, the depth of scan and whether it is immediate or on a scheduled basis.

Virima then begins to collect and store asset intelligence in a CMDB, collecting datacenter asset characteristics and configuration details. Once a baseline has been established, subsequent scans can monitor changes and programmable run-book automation sequences can act on new information defined by administrators.

Whether software, hardware, networking infrastructure, processes or services running or configuration detail – ITSM processes can be initiated to ensure the new data is acted upon.

True Datacenter Insight

Many organizations struggle with visibility of assets in the datacenter and managing the relationships between system owner and the services being delivered. It’s surprisingly common how many organizations have to deploy the ‘unplug it and wait for the screams’ technique to identify server ownership.

Virima offers a light touch approach to automatically identifying all assets in a datacenter, how they are configured and the relationships between assets and services.

We were particularly impressed with the ability of Virima to visualize relationships between servers – detailing not only the communication channels between servers but also the types of communication and direction of communication. All of this is built from the CMDB data, which is automatically updated via regular scans.

Turning Insight into action

As mentioned previously, new information discovered by Virima can be acted upon to initiate ITSM processes to ensure action is taken. Business rules can be configured on a ‘set it and forget it’ basis to direct workflows based on certain criteria, such as kicking off a change request process based on the discovery of new software in the datacenter.

Virima also includes a portfolio of service management functions such as incident management, request fulfillment, problem management, knowledge management, change management, configuration management and service catalogue. So combined with asset discovery and inventory in the datacenter – Virima customers can attain true end-to-end visibility of services.

Ensuring Implementation Success

Through their consulting heritage and hands-on implementation experience, Virima couples the SaaS offering with turnkey professional and managed service packages to ensure rapid implementation and adoption success. Their playbook for implementation is customized for every client based and focuses on accomplishing specific process and business improvement outcomes.

We find this a refreshing approach to customer success and wish many other software companies would do the same. No matter how plug-and-play and intuitive a solution might be, customers invariably always need handholding to speed up the implementation process to start delivering value.

Virima ITAM which includes discovery, CMDB, relationship/service mapping and hardware/software inventory is licensed annually starting at $15k.  Virima ITSM can be added on a per seat basis for $900 per annum. For larger datacenter environments a single enterprise-wide license can be purchased at a volume discount.

In summary, we believe Virima to be a compelling offering for mid-to-enterprise size customers looking to gain real visibility into the full lifecycle of their services – with a refreshingly pragmatic approach to customer success.

Vendor information - in their own words

Virima Simplifies IT Asset & Service Management

  • Virima is a cloud-based, integrated IT asset & service management platform (ITAM & ITSM) that enables the IT organization to better align to the goals of the business. Virima consolidates legacy processes and disparate information required to streamline core IT functions; automated asset discovery & inventory as a foundation for standardizing infrastructure, operations and service desk management.
  • Discovers complex asset infrastructure, data center, and cloud environments
  • Ensures CMDB accuracy with application dependency mapping as foundation for IT management
  • Streamlines and integrates your IT functional processes across the IT organization
  • Provides powerful “Connect the Dots” management reporting
  • Enables your business continuity and disaster recovery

Virima™ is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) PinkVERIFY™ certified for Change, Problem, Request Fulfillment, Incident, Knowledge, Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) processes.

About Virima Technologies

 Virima Technologies (Atlanta, GA) is an innovator of IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions. Through advanced infrastructure discovery and visualization capabilities, Virima links the business processes to the technology and services business rely upon. Virima automates IT operations functions enabling improved service, security, risk and compliance management. The easy to deploy and manage capabilities of Virima deliver insight and value to each of their clients, enabling them to address their entire IT operational needs.  Learn more at