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ITAMS review

Vast experience of SAM and SAM services.

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85% Analyst Opinion

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Elevator pitch

An independent SAM services veteran, IT Asset Management Solutions (ITAMS) is one of the industry’s longest serving ITAM and SAM organizations. Established in 2002, they focus on large enterprises and all aspects of both SAM and software licensing. Scores: • Expertise Score: 80.00% • Company, Infrastructure & Methodology: 88.6% • Average Customer Reference Score: 87.33%


  • Vast experience of SAM and SAM services
  • In-house expertise (Microsoft, IBM and Oracle experts)
  • Bespoke service, tailored around the customers needs, wants and environment
  • Proof of Entitlement Timeline
  • Independent Training Services


  • Smaller team / set of resources compared to other competitors in this review

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ITAMS is a UK based provider of independent SAM Services. ITAMS believe most clients today are not ready to buy a commodity managed service and have built theirservice offerings accordingly.

Their approach allows a customer to understand where they are today, what needs to change and to then define the future service they want in terms of outcomes andownership boundaries. From here, advisory also determines the roadmap to get there.

ITAMS typically provide SAM services at three levels:

  • Time & Materials - The most basic engagement with resources provided, driven by timesheets and checked by periodic service reviews and customersatisfaction calls.
  • ELP Reporting Service- Periodic reporting for a specified number of vendors, accompanied by a risk and remediation statement document.
  • Software as a Service - Agreement covers availability, function, number of logins, related support and patching, hosting specification etc.

ITAMS uses and supports a number of discovery, asset and SAM technologies. However, when the service requires ITAMS to define and/or operate infrastructure (especiallywhen a hosted service is required, and/or the client is particularly large) ITAMS use their in-house ELM360 engine, which is powered by Aspera SmartTrack cataloguetechnology. ITAMS do not make money from the sale of software licensing.

ITAMS have a vast experience of offering SAM services. It is clear that ITAMS have ‘been there, done it and got the t-shirt’ with many SAM challenges, and have clearlyshown that they are capable of helping a wide range of customers with their SAM needs and requirements. We believe that with ITAMS vast experience, and personnel feel toproceedings, that they would be able to assist an organisation with any challenge that their SAM team faces.

We were also impressed with the attitude towards offering a ‘bespoke’ service that is completely tailored around the customer. ITAMS state that there is no such thing as an‘off the shelf’ service for customers. Instead, they base their services around their tried and tested core building blocks, and then build a service off the back of their AdvisoryService. ITAMS provide a proof of ownership timeline for clients that ITAMS claims can help customers build a timeline of historical software licensing data, helpingorganisations understand their licensing position.

ITAMS offer a number of training courses, and are an IAITAM Certified SAM training center within the UK. We believe that any MSP providing in-house training andeducation services stand out above competitors. ITAMS also provide training courses on complex license programs such as Oracle and Microsoft.


“ITAMS are a strong Partner. Complimenting our SAM Team by providing sound, reliable, and useful Industry knowledge and support. ITAMS are Professional,Proactive, Intuitive Service Provider who aim to support us and drive out Business Benefit, The People within ITAMS are Available, Supportive, Efficient,Knowledgeable and Easy to Work with which contributes to excellent service delivery”
“ITAMS solutions - our experience has been that in every engagement, ITAMS solutions has always put our interest first, rather than their own commercial benefit(which has been a pleasant surprise). In a nutshell - Trustworthy.”
“ITAMS have been an excellent partner for us, providing the changing levels of support we require & growing with us on our journey. They are always willing to takefeedback to help improve the service for us & other organizations & have often adapted the products & process they offer following our feedback. I do believe theyare growing to become a solid player in the SAM Services industry.”