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  • Oracle to charge for Java from Jan 2019

    Oracle have announced that, “after January 2019”, Java SE 8 public updates will not be available for “business, commercial or production use” without a commercial license. Organisations will now need to take stock of all their software running Java SE 8 and start to work...

  • Mars Inc. sue Oracle over audit tactics

    A mars a day keeps Oracle away The $33BN food giant Mars Inc. took Oracle to court in October. There is a good coverage and analysis by Dave Welch of House of Brick here: In short: Oracle offered Mars a ‘Review’ Oracle threatened to withdrawal...

  • Alternatives to Oracle database

    It has been suggested that Oracle derives 50% of Oracle database revenue in the UK from audit activity and the Campaign for Clear Licensing has reported that “92% of customers say that Oracle does not clearly communicate licensing changes”. “50% of UK Oracle DB revenue driven...

  • Oracle Licensing Quick Guide

    92% of Oracle customers agree that they do not communicate changes properly Oracle’s software licensing is complex and regularly changing. The number of products and acquisitions made by Oracle over the years has resulted in a number of changes in license metrics, and also new licenses...

  • Oracle Audit: Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions

    This is abridged version of a whitepaper by Richard Spithoven of b.lay. You can download the full version (without registration) on the b.lay website here. Richard was one of our highly experienced presenters at our free Oracle Licensing Seminar held in November in London. Our next Oracle...

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