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Tag: Containers


  • Podcast Episode 88: Looking into Containers

    Containers are fast becoming a hot topic for many of us in ITAM. As DevOps practices, cloud, and digital transformation continue to expand within organisations, containers are being used more and more often – in a few different ways. To help you get a better picture of what’s...

  • State of UK ITAM Survey

    It’s always useful for us to get a view of how certain subjects are affecting ITAM professionals and our latest “State of UK ITAM” survey covers a few hot topics! We’re looking at: Brexit SaaS IaaS Future Technology Tools Hardware Asset Management And it only takes...

  • A guide to Containers AKA What do Containers Contain?

    What are Containers? Containers can be viewed as the next step in virtualisation. They’re smaller, faster and easier to work with than traditional Virtual Machines (VMs). A Virtual Machine is, as the name suggests, a complete machine – so each one has its own Operating System...