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  • Market Guide – IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Providers

    Appropriately enough for Halloween, October’s Market Guide looks at the end of the IT Asset lifecycle – disposition. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is concerned with managing the end-of-ownership of your devices – those you no longer require, or have no use for, are considered...

  • What you need to know – ITAM and Licensing Terms

      Key phrases;   Activation: When the software is installed, a serial number of activation code is required to unlock use to the software. Allows vendor to track activations and also allows them to stop any unauthorized installs. Application: Software name. Asset Management:...

  • IT Disposal Best Practice Guide

    This best practice guide has been contributed by UK charity Computer Aid International. The research and recommendations in this guide are aimed at UK companies. However I believe organizations worldwide can benefit from these guidelines. For disposal charities outside of the UK please...

  • ITAD Chain of Custody Case Studies – Challenges & Common Excuses

    ITAD Sleight of hand- now you see it, now you don't.... This article has been contributed by Kyle Marks at Retire-IT. In his previous article Kyle explored the value of process in IT Asset Disposal – in this article Kyle explores some real life scenarios to illustrate chain-of-custody...

  • ITAD Chain of Custody

    This article has been contributed by Kyle Marks at Retire-IT. What has more value, an armored bank truck, or a van delivering old computers to a disposal vendor? An armored truck may hold millions of dollars. An old computer on the other hand, if lost, may mean millions in liability. Every...

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