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  • Our thoughts on the Citrix acquisition & TIBCO merger

    Citrix, the ubiquitous virtualization company, is to be acquired for $16.5 billion by “Vista Equity Partners” and “Evergreen Coast Capital” – the latter being an affiliate of “Elliott Investment Management”. The fact Citrix have been acquired isn’t a surprise… I’ve...

  • Preparing for the future of Asset Management

    Image by Buffik from Pixabay The time to start preparing for the future of Asset Management is now. Technology, and the way businesses view and use it, is changing – rapidly. Concepts such as DevOps and cloud have already had a significant impact on the way businesses view and use...

  • Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT and the future of ITAM

    Machine learning, block chain and the Internet of things, exciting technology trends that are disrupting entire industries. In this article I’ll explore these topics and discuss how they might impact the future of the ITAM industry. Potential future growth areas for the ITAM industry...