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  • The business case for IT Asset Lifecycle Automation

    This article is a collaboration between AJ Witt of The ITAM Review and Paul King, Senior Consultant at DeskCenter Solutions. In it, we discuss how IT Asset Lifecycle Automation delivers business value, reduces the burden on IT, and delights your users. Executive Summary Digital Transformation...

  • Practical Methods for Stakeholder Engagement – Article Series

    Our recent user survey showed that ITAM is continuing to move from being a service management and operations-based admin team to a trusted C-Suite adviser. As our roles mature, we become less involved in the day-to-day grunt work of getting inventory working, reconciling usage and...

  • Vendor Management can be a massive support to your SAM Function

    Audits are one of the biggest challenges facing SAM professionals and licensing professionals in the current era. Gone are the days when only the likes of Microsoft and IBM conducted ‘reviews’; now all of the Tier 1 vendors regularly audit their customers, and a number of other...

  • SAM Tools and Contract Management

    Anyone within the ITAM or software licensing space are aware that SAM Tools provide a system for the management of software licenses throughout their lifecycle. You can add your license details manually into the SAM Tool from documentation like invoices, license agreements, financial...

  • Can a SAM Team be 100% Virtual?

    The Big Question A SAM professional who has been given a budget to build a SAM team recently contacted us to ask whether or not they can build an effective SAM team virtually, or if they need to physically have the personnel in the office. A recent poll by SHRM showed that 46% of...

  • SAM Intelligence

    Rory Canavan This article has been contributed by Rory Canavan, Consultant at Flexera Software and all-round good egg. See previous contributions from Rory here. ‘SAM Intelligence’; should these two words even be used in the same sentence?  It is surprising just how many...

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