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  • Oracle launches middleware verification for SAM tools

    Benjamin Vidal, Icon Consulting. This article has been contributed by Benjamin Vidal, Icon Consulting. Following the SAM tools verification for Database and Options, Oracle has launched a similar campaign for its Fusion Middleware products. This article looks at the following questions: What...

  • David vs Goliath: Negotiating with Oracle

    This article was written by AJ Witt of The ITAM Review in conjunction with Oracle & SAP third-party support provider Support Revolution Global IT spending is due to decrease, with a potential 7.3% decline before the end of 2020, with further declines expected in 2021. But while...

  • Cloud still driving software vendor revenues

    Software vendor financial results can be more interesting for ITAM & SAM managers than they might first appear. Looking at how the software vendors are performing on a quarterly and annual basis can give the savvy organisation some good insight. Who is likely to increase audits?...

  • COVID-19: Won’t someone think of the vendors?

    2020 has been tough globally – on businesses of all types – but won’t someone think of the vendors?  When it comes to planning your next 12 – 24 months, it’s important to consider the impact on software vendors and how this might ultimately impact you, their customers. Won’t...

  • Podcast Episode 85: Where next for Oracle?

    In this podcast AJ Witt from the ITAM Review is joined by Michael Corey & Dean Bolton, co-founders of Oracle License Management specialists LicenseFortress. Topics discussed include; Oracle’s 2020 year end results The impact of COVID-19 on key Oracle customers Trends in Oracle...

  • ITAM industry news roundup – May 2020

    There is always something happening somewhere and keeping track of it all can be, to say the least, difficult! Our ITAM industry news round ups aim to cover some of the important and interesting developments you may have missed, to help keep you informed and up-to-date. Oracle get...

  • Mastering ITAM in Complex Environments

    This article is a collaboration between AJ Witt of The ITAM Review and Dean Bolton, Co-founder & Chief Architect of LicenseFortress. In it, we explore the challenges around licensing highly complex environments and how to approach these to minimise risk, reduce cost, and maintain...

  • Damning evidence in support of Oracle cloud fraud

    NYSE: ORCL – It is alleged that Oracle artificially inflated its cloud sales numbers by offloading cloud products to customers under the duress of audit or by offering heavy discounts to on-premises contracts. Oracle Cloud Fraud – Supporting evidence Anecdotes collated...

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