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  • Oracle Java new licensing model

    1. You’re going to need a cup of this after dealing with Java! Oracle announced in 2018 that updates for Java 8 would become chargeable from January 2019, meaning organisations wishing to continue receiving updates for Java SE 8 must do something. It is Oracle’s preference...

  • Oracle Verified Tools – Market Guide

    Just published is our guide to the small market for Oracle-verified inventory tools. Oracle-verified tools inventory Oracle Database deployments to a level that will satisfy Oracle LMS during an audit. Oracle haven’t verified any new tools for a number of years and market leaders...

  • Oracle faces class action lawsuit over cloud FUD

    It appears Oracle’s cloud FUD chickens are coming home to roost. The US based specialist securities prosecutor BLB&G has filed a class action lawsuit against Oracle on behalf of the City of Sunrise Firefighters Pension Fund. In a statement, the class action states that Oracle...

  • Oracle Database 18c: what’s new

    Oracle Database 18c was introduced in late 2017 by Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO, as ‘a big thing’. Also called the “Oracle Autonomous Database”, Oracle Database 18c automates security, provisioning and error handling. Oracle calls it “self-driving”...

  • Oracle to charge for Java from Jan 2019

    Oracle have announced that, “after January 2019”, Java SE 8 public updates will not be available for “business, commercial or production use” without a commercial license. Organisations will now need to take stock of all their software running Java SE 8 and start to work...

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