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  • Introducing – ITAM Review SaaS Market Guide

    The ITAM Review are delighted to announce the publication of a Market Guide for SaaS Optimisation & Subscription Management tools. This is the first in a series of Market Guides, to be published monthly, looking at various aspects of the ITAM tools and services market. Future...

  • ServiceNow & Flexera go shopping for SaaS tools, who’s next?

    Following ServiceNow’s acquisition of VendorHawk in late April Flexera have followed suit with their acquisition this week of Meta SaaS. Clearly this is a market where swift exits for founders and investors is possible. VendorHawk was founded in December 2015, had 7 employees at...

  • Office 365 cost optimisation – is it worth it?

    How to squeeze best value out of Microsoft’s cloud based Office solution Squeezing best value from Office365 requires a change of thinking from the old world of perpetual device based office: Old School Perpetual device based office: Have we purchased enough copies? (compliance) Are...

  • Discovery, software recognition and optimisation in a SaaS world

    SaaS apps transcend the IT department, so should SaaS optimisation Many ITAM Review readers are yet to get their arms around the issue of managing the risk and cost of cloud based software. Whilst it still represents a small percentage of annual spend, it’s a growing area and something...

  • What you need to know – ITAM and Licensing Terms

      Key phrases;   Activation: When the software is installed, a serial number of activation code is required to unlock use to the software. Allows vendor to track activations and also allows them to stop any unauthorized installs. Application: Software name. Asset Management:...

  • Microsoft’s move to Subscription and SaaS

    Microsoft were one of the first ‘mega vendors’ to move towards a subscription cloud modelling of licensing metrics. The introduction of Office 365 (O365 for the purpose of this article) took Microsoft software in a new, unchartered direction. So, why have Microsoft moved towards...

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